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§ 1 ~ General rules
You are not not allowed to post any kind of insults (whether you are user / moderator / administrator, etc.). You may not offend anyonen here because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political attitude. Each user can only have 1 account! Each additional account will be deleted immediately! You may freely express your opinion at any time, obeying the board rules.

§ 2 ~ Spam
The forum may be spammed only in the designated area. Senseless THX posts will be deleted by the mods without any comment. In most areas, you should only post or start serious, sensible and, if possible, stimulating discussion's or answers. To keep it short: No Spam!

§ 3 ~ Posts/Threads
You should absolutely avoid the same posts in different forum areas to post. If you are not sure in which forum you should start a thread, please contact a Mod. Posting personal content / information of other users is prohibited! Double posts are not allowed! - [Use the edit button]. Posting Hentai / Yaoi / Yuri, etc. are prohibited. The posting of other forums is prohibited.

§ 4 ~ Help area
If you have questions, looking for something or need help, This can be found under "Help" and you post in the corresponding section. We try our best to help you.But please try to express yourself as fully and clearly as possible.

§ 5 ~ Chat [Shout Box]
You have to be polite, respectful and kind with each other. The chat is not intended to write something that you can post in the forum. The chat is not for spamming.

§ 6 ~ Other Stuff
Before you open a thread, you should first use the search function. The threads that you create must be suitable to the forum section. The thread title must include some information about the content of the thread type. Otherwise it is possible that the thread will be deleted or gets closed! Please stay on the subject of the thread and do not fluctuate too much. If there is an urgent need for further discussion you can create a new thread. Basically you should not give any private information in threads, PMs and chat. You can never rule out if the data will fall into the wrong hands. On all our servers, any advertising is prohibited. Only at special request you may answer personally.

§ 7 ~ avatar / signature
The avatars may be 250x250px in size and not exceed a size of 1024 KB. The signature can be up to 300 characters long and can not be used as advertising space (Mod's and Admin's excluded).

§ 8 ~ Special rules
In addition, there are specific rules in some areas! The rules are usually attached at the top in the field as "important" and should be read carefully in any case. Each user has to obey to it. You have to follow all the rules mentioned here. In case of repeated rule violation your account will be suspended.

§ 9.0 ~ Rulev iolations

Rule violation may have the following consequences:

1. Warning: Note
2. Warning: Another note
2. Warning: One-week suspension of the account
3. Warning: One month suspension of the accounts
5. Warning: Account will be deleted


§ 9.1, Elimination of warnings
After 2 months without any new warning, one warning will be deleted. For multiple warnings it takes longer.

The rules can be changed at any time!

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